One of today’s hottest, and often controversial, topics in worldwide water regulations is arsenic in drinking water. Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical found in the earth’s crust, but can be dangerous to humans when released into drinking water supplies as rocks, minerals, and soils erode. Studies have linked long-term exposure to arsenic contamination with cancer and cardiovascular, pulmonary, immunological, neurological and endocrine effects. The legislative timetable for the adoption of the 10 ppb standard for arsenic in drinking water supplies includes:

  • 1993 World Health Organization recommendation of 10 ppb

  • 2000 Germany adopts 10 ppb standard

  • 2003 United Kingdom adopts 10 ppb standard

  • 2005 Denmark, France, Greece, Italy and Spain adopt 10 ppb standard

  • 2006 Hungary, Portugal and United States adopt 10 ppb standard

2007 Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey to adopt 10 ppb




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