Deionizers remove all Dissolved Solids (both anions and cations) from the water, producing water of top quality and purity.
Deionizers can be categorized according to the process their function is based on, to:

   Two column deionizers
   They remove separately cations
   and anions in two separate resin

-  Mixed bed deionizers
   They remove cations and anions in
   one column with mixed bed resin.
   They are recommended for very
   high purity water, less than
   0,1 uS/cm

Deionizers can be also categorized according to their mode of regeneration to:

-  Volumetrically controlled regeneration,
   by means of a specified volume of
   water which passes through the resins.

Qualitative controlled regeneration, by
   means of the quality of the water

Pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, aluminum industry, etc


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