Wherever dosing of liquids is needed, dosing pumps and systems can ensure:

-  Precise dosing
-  Uninterrupted operation under heavy duty operation conditions

Dosing pumps can operate under several modes:
Simple time controlled
-  Dosing controlled by an external
   signal (pulses or proportional)
-  Dosing with control of the correct
   feeding rate
-  Dosing and control of parameters,
   such as pH, free chlorine, Redox

Monitoring and control equipment can cooperate with dosing pumps, for the control of:

-  pH 
-  Free chlorine
-  Redox Potential
-  Conductivity

Control devices can be connected to PC, BMS and other central control systems.


Chlorination, chemical feeding, ph control waste neutralization, ph and free chlorine control in swimming pools, etc.
-  Industries
-  Waste Water Treatment Plants
-  Swimming pools
-  Precise dosing of every chemical

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