General laboratory analysis, glassware washing/rinsing, buffer preparation, general purpose HPLC, flame AA, electrochemistry, spectrophotometry or pretreatment to a polisher all require high purity water to ensure quality and consistent results.

  • YUNCEY packaged central laboratory water systems are designed to supply pure water to one or more laboratories in a building.

  • YUNCEY Prima reverse osmosis water purification systems deliver type III/IV primary grade water from a tap feed.

  • YUNCEY Option-S water purifiers combine pretreatment, reverse osmosis and ionic/organic removal in a single unit to deliver better than single distilled quality water from a potable water source.  The Option-R adds a recirculation feature to deliver better than double distilled quality water.

  • Stand alone storage reservoirs are specially designed for storing purified water, and can be wall mounted to save valuable bench space.

  • Modular docking vessels are state-of-the-art high-purity water storage reservoirs designed to accommodate the YUNCEY Ultra, Option, Prima and the water purification systems.

  • Replacement cartridges for laboratory water purification systems are designed for PURELAB, Modulab, and competitor systems.

  • Water One™ Operating Contracts allow customers to focus on their core business while we take responsibility for operating and maintaining their water treatment system.


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