By applying the Reverse Osmosis method, we can treat and desalinate both seawater and brakish water.
The water produced is of excellent quality for several applications, such as:
- Potable water
- Water for irrigation
- Industrial use water

 For every specific application a separate engineering, design and manufacturing process is carried out and the installation is made according to the specific needs

The Reverse Osmosis systems manufactured by TEMAK, have numerous advantages:
-  Fully automatic function with a central
   control panel
-  Wide range of capacities
-  They can treat any quality of
   untreated water
-  They are designed so as to optimize
   the use of available water resources
-  They have very low running cost

Municipalities, Industries,
  Ships, Hotels, Agricultural

Production of very low
  conductivity water, for specific
  applications in Hospitals,
  cosmetics and
  pharmaceutical production,
  Laboratories, etc

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