Separator Filter Systems works according to principal of sending away from water hard items and particles which have higher specific gravity than water, by centrifuge power. Water, due to centrifuge effect that happens when entering target to entrance area, particles that are higher than water bluster towards device membrane go downward to collection area with spiral movements. Particles collected at bottom reservoir of filter are evacuated periodically or continuously manual or automatic. Water that is separated from particles, by means of whirlpool at middle of separator is pulled upward and pass to exit line.

    Separator Filters has 24 hour non-stop working feature.

    Holds all particles till 70 micron.

    Can work at high capacity intervals.

    Automatic self-cleaning feature.

    Do not need of cutting of water during cleaning.

    Do not need spare part, does not have moving part inside

    Its care is just cleaning reservoir where stiff items are collected.

    Pressure loss is fixed, there is no change at flow even at high capacity.

    There is no risk of plugging as there is no filter element.


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