UV Sterilizer

Disinfection with Ultraviolet Systems is the process of in effecting microorganisms without adding any chemical or oxidant to water. By means of Ultraviolet lamb placed inside glass cover similar to tube, dosage adjusted UV LIGHT is given to inlet water of the equipment. This ultraviolet lights breaks DNA structure of microorganisms, makes them ineffective. By this way, % 99.9 average ratio of disinfection productivity is supplied. To be able to kill microorganisms with this system, ultraviolet light must directly hit over them. For this reason, before water enters in ultraviolet system, parameters such as sediment, cloudiness must be removed from water. Sand filter or cartridge filters are recommended to be used before ultraviolet. Another subject that must be paid attention at ultraviolet systems, system must be used as much close as to final use area. Beside this, outlet water from system must especially not enter into separate unit open to atmosphere and must be used with out delay. To obtain good productivity from ultraviolet units, periodical maintenance is important. UV lamb change once a year and periodical Quartz glass cleaning depending on raw water Quality must be made. Incase, this cleaning is not made, UV light affect will decrease and output of equipment will decrease.


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