Treated Waste Disposal system

The bio Uro clean system produces a fully treated wastewater, (BOD <20 mg/l; suspended solids <30 mg/l), which is more easily absorbed into soil strata than septic tank effluent. The percolation area should be designed in accordance with the site suitability results and should be fitted in accordance with population served.

The typical layout of the percolation trench and raised percolation bed are shown below.

Secondary treatment chamber

The liquid from the primary chamber is aerated, enabling the cultivation of colonies of aerobic bacteria (biomass), which break down the organic matter. Following a settling period, the clarified effluent is pumped for discharge to the percolation area. The treatment cycle then recommences, providing there is sufficient volume of wastewater in the primary chamber to constitute a batch.
When there is insufficient inflow of wastewater to the primary chamber within the cycle time, the unit switches to an alternative cycle or ‘holiday mode’. This cycle continues until adequate volume of wastewater is detected in the primary chamber and normal operation resumes.

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